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I'm a 55 year old wife, mother, nana and auntie who accidental became a coloring book artist. Who would have thought I'd be drawing adult coloring pages and books. Not me! I've always loved art. Drawing it, painting it, molding it, sewing it, glueing it. Every which way. I hadn't focused on art for over 30 years. I married my new, improved husband in 2013 and even he didn't know that I like to draw and paint!

I started drawing again in October of 2015. I bought a book on Zentangles, a package of tiles and some pens and pencils. I had a lot of fun teaching myself to tangle. Then my baby sister gave me a coloring book, The Secret Garden. I colored a few pages in it and decided I'd rather color and paint my own art.

I joined a Facebook group for trading Zentangle Artist Trading Cards. From there I moved on to trading in a couple of ATC groups. After drawing about 600 atc's my hubby said "Why aren't you drawing bigger stuff for the wall". So I started drawing larger pieces. I started "Addicted to Art", a Facebook group so I could share my art and make friends with other like minded artists. In this group I would post my drawings before painting them. People in the group started encouraging me to create coloring book pages. So here I am, drawing whimsical, happy coloring book pages and having a blast in the process. Now I have a artist Facebook page, and a Facebook coloring group for people who like to color my pages.

I'm a currently working on publishing my first adult coloring book. After that, I will start painting as well as drawing more coloring books. Home is in Alta, CA on 72 mountain acres in a tiny little log cabin built in 1917 by my husband's relatives by hand. My little miniature poodle loves it!

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